Book Keith for Free Program

This program has been tailored for School Systems, Federally Funded Programs, Conferences, Family Advocacy Agencies & more.

Order a minimum of 200 sets of the “not impossible-I’M POSSIBLE,” Curriculum (Book and Student Portfolio) and Mr. Brown will do up to three presentations at your site for FREE. You may choose a combination of ANY three presentations listed below. This program is all inclusive of Travel and Lodging Expenses.






One or two Assemblies with scholars seated on ONE side of the facility. (45-60 minutes per assembly.





One Professional Development Session. (60-90 minutes)





One Parent/Community Event. (60-90 minutes.)

The Scholar presentations will focus on enhancing and empowering scholars via the following content:

  • Academic Excellence
  • College and Career Readiness
  • Leadership
  • Goal Setting
  • Responsible Social Media Use
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Citizenship
  • Life Skills  
  • Life Long Learning

Presentations are relevant, engaging, and very interactive.

The Professional Development Session will promote High Expectations, Relevance, building relationships and increasing scholar engagement while enhancing scholars intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially.  

Mr. Brown will also focus on Team Building, Morale, Collaboration, communicating effectively with scholars and educating each day with passion and purpose.

Furthermore, we will cater our Professional Development to your Professional Development Plan, School Improvement or Agency Plan and/or based on your specific site needs. As always- our Mission is to enhance yours.

The parent/community component will include parental involvement and promoting high expectations within the home. This component will also focus on “Family Literacy” and will thoroughly enhance the ability of the parents to assist in the education of their children, all for the purpose of building productive citizens.


 Rate provided for clients within a 300mile radius of Atlanta, Ga.



 350-700 miles- A minimum of 250 sets must be ordered.



750-1000 miles- A minimum of 300 sets must be ordered.


1100 miles and up-please call the office or email us via



 Investment is all inclusive of travel and lodging expenses.

All sessions will take place in one day for one site/conference, unless other arrangements are made between speaker and client.

Note: If client chooses less than three presentations, there is no discount, as the program is already a “Partner In Education,” designed “In Kind,” offer.