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Most Requested Keynotes/Workshops/Programs: All are Relevant, Engaging and feature Team Building, Best Practices, and Content which can be applied immediately in order to foster maximum positive results.

The Nerve of You/Have the Nerve to Serve: This high octane engaging keynote/workshop focuses on students being Servant, Creative and Bridging Leaders who are ambassadors and sincere about protecting and enhancing the legacy of their Institution. 


not impossible/I’M POSSIBLE: This relevant keynote/workshop is a blueprint for overall success and significance in the College and post-College Settings. With a focus on Academic Excellence, Character, Life Skills, and Leadership- scholars will leave this presentation with tangible information on how to be productive global citizens. 


Talk Is Expensive: This keynote/Workshop is designed to enhance the overall networking and communication skills of Student Leaders and Ambassadors. With coaching and training from Expert Communicators-students will depart with tangible keys to be effective and efficient communicators who can represent their Institution in any setting and themselves during and after the Collegiate experience is complete. 


Building the SHIPS: This keynote/workshop illustrates how to balance and manage RelationSHIPS, ScholarSHIP, PartnerSHIPS, LeaderSHIP, and MentorSHIP. 

*** We also craft keynotes and workshops around client related themes. Mr. Brown does not give “cookie-cutter” messages. Each presentation is uniquely designed for each client and highlights the client’s overall mission and vision statements.