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Sales and Other Meetings

Family/Community Day Events

Customer Service Training


Employee Recognition Events

Holiday Celebration Events

Corporate/Government Sponsored Events in Schools and Colleges

and much much more…


Most Requested Programs & Topics

There IS an I in Team:  This relevant highly engaging keynote/Workshop utilizes best practices in changing the traditionally held belief of ,”There is no I in team,” and through team building and other tangible tools- illustrates how the “I’s” actually make the team more cohesive, effective and prepared to achieve maximum impact and results.

Reflect, Protect and Connect: This unifying keynote/workshop uses best practices to promote team-building, collaboration, morale, professionalism, leadership and increased productivity.

Clearance Sale: This is the ULTIMATE keynote/workshop on reducing negative thoughts, communication and attitudes in the workplace while promoting a high level of customer service, satisfaction and overall efficiency.

We also craft keynotes and workshops around client related themes. Mr. Brown does not give “cookie-cutter” messages. Each presentation is uniquely designed for each client and highlights the client’s overall mission and vision statements.