P.E.P. Rally

(Empowerment and Inspiration for Pupils, Educators, Parents)

Are you ready for the most Relevant Education Program on the Market Today?

*This program is ideal for School Systems and Family Advocacy Agencies.

*This program includes up to three presentations, which gives the client more flexibility and value.

Professional Development (60-90 minutes):

This presentation is relevant, engaging, and includes team building and innovative strategies to enhance student instruction and achievement.

Furthermore, we will cater our Professional Development to your Professional Development Plan, School Improvement or Agency Plan and/or based on your specific site needs. As always- our Mission is to enhance yours.

Scholar Presentations (45-60 minutes)

The Scholar presentations will focus on the following:

Academic Excellence, Character Growth, Goal Setting, Responsible use of Social Media, College/Career Readiness, Bullying, Cyber-Bullying, Leadership and Life Long Learning.

(These presentations are relevant, engaging and include Best Practices.)

The Parent/Community Presentation (60-90 minutes):

The parent/community component will consist of the following:

  • Enhancing the ability of parents to assist in the educational process of their children.
  • Emphasis on the promotion of literacy within the home.
  • Encouraging Parental Involvement and High Expectations within the home and school.

(This presentation is relevant, engaging and includes Best Practices.)

**All Sessions will take place in one day unless otherwise agreed upon by 2020 Enterprises and the client.

You can have Mr. Brown at your school all year! Click here for more information.