Faith Based Institutions

Most Requested Keynotes/Workshops/Programs: All are Relevant, Engaging and feature Team Building, Best Practices, and Content which can be applied immediately in order to foster maximum positive results.


Have the Nerve to Serve/Feed the Need to Lead:This keynote/workshop focuses on being effective servant, bridging and creative leaders who operate in and maximize their God-given Gifts and Purpose. 


I’M HUMAN not just a HUE-man:This keynote/workshop focuses on how the Faith Based Community can and must use its Impact and Influence to counter the attack to systematically destroy young men of color, while at the same time-teaching and training these young men of destiny to be character driven productive citizens. 


Where are our youth???:In order to TEACH them we must first REACH them. This engaging keynote/workshop illustrates creative relevant ways to increase youth participation in ministry and prepares youth for leadership and legacy. A MUST HAVE for Faith Based Institutions seeking to fully involve and engage their youth.


“I’M POSSIBLE Weekend with Keith L. Brown-

Friday Evening:Training for Youth [ 90-120 minutes] 

Saturday Morning:Leadership Training for Youth and Adults[ Two 90 minute sessions]. 

Saturday Evening:Community or Youth Rally or other Evening Event-Keith L. Brown, Speaker or Event Emcee. 


Note: Gender Sessions are also available.


Client may craft their own program for Friday and Saturday. The above is just a suggested model. Our mission is to enhance your mission.